Mastermind group

Hi, my name is Rob. I have been in this game and interested in self improvement for more than a few years now. All I can say is that since i have applied myself and have suick with self improvement and challenged my boundaries, I have noticed significant improvement in my life over a long period of time. Right now.... I just got out of the army in 07, just finished in a second major in Russian, and will be pursuing a law degree this september.

I heard about this concept of having people that you can be accountable to in one of David D.s videos as well as having a mastermind group. I would like to have people, whom I can bounce ideas off who are of like mind, who want to get this part of their life taken care of and even use it to improve other areas of their life.

I was hoping to link up from all over the country through instant messenger, skype, and email. So here I am. If interested my email:

myspace page: - Sarkastiklawguy - 30 - Male - Germany, Eugene, Albany, Oregon -