The swan with no social skills

Hi, everyone! I'm DarrT and I come from Brunei but now live in Leeds, UK. Heres my introduction:

"Eww DarrT, don't ruin my favourite love song by singing it, you're disgusting - play on your xylophone ribcage instead!"

When you're made to feel like an ugly duckling for so long, you eventually believe it - I believed it for so long because of the people around me (except my family),especially the girls, due to my nerdy tendencies and weak physique throughout youth.

Then, puberty came along, suddenly I was able to attract a few girls without doing much...Great i thought! But it probably made things worst as I developed the idea that looks will get girls coming to you and you didn't need to do anything but wait. Those girls slowly disappeared as the pre-teen stage passed but I had already become insecure with my looks and that probably scared many girls away, fueling self-hate and thoughts that my place in the universe is to be one with the inability to attract those THAT I WANT.

Fast forward to now and while I know i still have many demons to fight within, I think i've had major improvements to my inner game. I just moved to UK and man oh man girls here are so different. Regardless, I see it as a challenge that I must overcome. I feel its time to finally fill the massive void in my life, give this 'ugly duckling' a kick up his rear and have some Game. I hope I can learn to be who I want to be by learning starting from here.