Hey guys, I'm GameTag. Real name's Thomas.

I'm French Canadian, and I guess I'm an aPUA? I kind of always somewhat had success with girls, but before it used to be luck, as in, I didn't know what it was I was doing that made girls like me. I started reading Mystery's Revelation recently when things with girls were getting sour.

Realized that I had changed. I used to be a party boy, the guy that made everyone laugh and made parties awesome. Then at some point I ended up... boring I guess. I was concentrating on work and very trivial things too much, so much so that I didn't bring out the same vibe in front of women.

Now I'm 20 years old. I work at a corner store, and yeah, I actually manage to game there pretty efficiently. Hell, just today I got a phone number from a foxxy woman, about 35 years old.

And that's an interesting thing. Older women seem to be going crazy for me these days. I guess I'm a breath of fresh air when compared to their boring, beer-belly, complaining husband, although that specific woman isn't married.

This could make a nice topic.

So yeah, I'm 5 feet 9, 155 pounds, pretty athletic, good looking, and I manage to seem comfortable in lots of uncomfortable situations. And my English isn't too bad.

I just hope this is a good community with people ready to chill and talk, and not just some resource place where people search for tricks and tips and nothing else. I'll be checking that out soon.

Oh by the way, I totally wanted my screenname to be Mystic, but it was already taken. GameTag doesn't really mean anything, it just kinda splurted out of my brain and I liked the sound of it.