Shanghai aPUA

Hello all,

I'm 24 years old and have been living in Shanghai for over half a year now. Since arriving in Shanghai, I've tallied three, bolstering my high score to five. I suppose if I include making out, that doubles my high score. My first was a feisty teenager who had a sugar daddy. My second was my college sweetheart of two years. My third and fourth were 9's with whom I had a one night stand and a turbulent 3 week relationship with, respectively. My fifth was a one night stand with a girl who everyone else liked. I guess she did a DHV on me!

I'm lucky enough to be moderately cute, athletic, and talkative enough to get IOIs, but I never really understood how I got chicks in the past, it just seemed to happen. I want to learn how to capitalize on IOIs, close better, and I've realized there's a lot I can improve on. I want to reach my potential, and I truly believe the sky's the limit for me. I was born to be a playboy, I just need to learn the skills.

I firmly hold that the difference between a boy and a man is: a boy asks for what he wants, a man takes what he wants. To have the ability to spot a HB, manipulate the social dynamics to my favor, and take whoever I want-- that's power.