Inventing the new me!

Inventing the new me!

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    Inventing the new me!


    I go by the name of Rewrite on several forums, I am twenty years old and live in the Netherlands, two weeks ago I dated a girl, this girl attracted my attention two months before that, I met her on a communications training for work (studentjob), and asked her out for a drink, so later that day I met her in a bar, we had a drink, conversation went smooth, and after that we went out to a club, we danced and she kissed me. I took her to the dyke and we went a little further than just kissing. I texted her the day after, only to be surprised with the message she was also dating another guy and was building up a relationship with him.

    Two months passed, during that two months saw her one or two times in town, nothing happenend between us anymore. Two months later she contacted me, telling me that her physical test for the police went alright, she texted me about this, this because I am a former police officer and currently also applying for the police again and we agreed to inform each other about progression.

    A couple of textmessages and weeks later, we spoke on MSN messenger, and she got flirty with me, at this point I was not aware that she and the other guy broke up, I flirted back and she wanted to see me really soon and was excited about it. So we agreed to meet, we went for a walk, a drink and a movie and ended up kissing again. I tried texting her the next day, but did not got a fast response like she normally did, when she finally did, it was the famous LJBF excuse.

    I must say I was kinda sad about this because I really liked her and have to admit I still do. I acknowledged to myself that was exactly my problem.

    So i went searching on the internet of ways to deal with girls, not primarly to have more girls, but to improve myself. By coincidence I stumbled on a interview with a PUA and became fascinated with it. I always have been a great admirer of psychology and how the human mind works, it all made sense to me, I now know what I did wrong.

    I gave myself to her without making it difficult for her and fixated myself to much of getting a relationship with her, I did some things right, luckily, but screwed up on the essential things, I loaded her with attention and actually did not challenge her for my attention. So i ended up with the Remorse Buyer theory.

    I bought the mystery method and read it all at once, now reading it again and taking notes of each chapter and trying to come up with routines myself. I acquired more material including video's and am still learning.

    I must admit the first thing I read here was about how to get out of the friend zone topic, still I really like this girl, haven't felt like that in years, but now i want to be in the game, not for her, but for me, I want to re-invent myself en become more socially aware of my actions, I think this method does not only help with girls but with every aspect of life within a society.

    I am determined to do this and will take the newbie test at first, I have no problems meeting girls or speaking to them, but mostly nothing comes out of it except for a little kissing and stuff.

    I would like to apologize for my grammar, but since English is not my primary language it could contain some mistakes.

    I will keep you updated on my journey to become a new me!
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