So i see this is where we do introductions, so figured this would be a good spot for me to start.

I first found the first sign of the community when a co-worker suggested i read the book "the game" by Niel Strauss, until then i hadn't even heard of the community outside of David DeAngelo's double your dating.
Niel's book completely consumed me, in a matter of 3 days i managed to plow through that book and look into other book's currently I'm in the middle of "The Mystery Method"
Which in turn led me to this site. (Quick question is this still the mystery method's site? just a name change, or did another group take it over completely??)

I wouldn't say im a natural at all, I'm a very nice guy, and i've managed to find a way to swoop in under the radar and pick up girls i like, only problem that they never seem to be the ones i really wanted, more just ones i managed to end up with.

I realized after reading "The Game" that i wasn't alone being the nice guy/mislead/walked over by the opposite sex, (not that i thought i was the ONLY nice guy alive) Looking forward to learning the game/taking it into my own hands

Anyways, i havn't gone out sarging.... ever, looking forward to it eventually here, i did manage to find a guy in my city (whom i actually knew before) who is in the community. So looking forward to getting out one day or another.

Anyways, about all i got ATM.