Hello from Singapore

Hi folks,

I am 22 years old, Asian expatriate currently living and studying in Singapore. I am not a local native in Singapore, and I came from an Asian country named Myanmar (Burma).

I am around 5' 6.5", slim (more to skinny), fair complexion guy with not bad looking face. But the way I am wearing is not stylish, and I am trying to change that, by learning a lot.

I came from IT background, being a freelance project manager and IA designer, but never been a geek. I don't have personality traits of a geek, although I am very savvy in my field.

Right now I am studying business management in Marketing discipline at a university in Singapore. I operates and owns a few small businesses in my home country, as well as online.

This forum provides a lot of great information! I love it and I am sure this will help a lot of people like me.

See ya soon in other forums, ppl!