hello from vancouver.

wutsup everyone? well here's my introduction. let's see here... well i read "the game" about 4 years ago, couldn't put it down. got magic bullets the other day, plowing through it mind you my english class has enough for me to read so it's not going to be read as fast as strauss' book.

anyhow. im pretty much an AFC at this point. maybe not frustrated, i get laid i just never can comprehend the circumstances that get me laid - .: i cannot recreate the results.

at the moment: i am really diggin' this girl from my geography class but she dropped some "my bf" blurbs when i tried Status' myspace pimpin' strategy - i did the "let me get your perspective on the cheating girl thing" and she divulged this multi paragraph message back saying she did the same thing to her bf once but she was forgiven. what a turn of events. anyhow, i got her reply last nite at 1 am or so, and i'm waiting til friday (tomorrow) to reply. i'm going to just reply w/ the exact same routine Status has put up...

but apart from that: i'm a 25 year old who's still in college, and i work as a writer and animator for a coupl'a low lying vancouver companies.