Hello from Rotterdam!

Hey guys!

I've recently joined this community, and it's about time I introduce myself properly. My name's Nick and I'm 20 years old. My home is near Rotterdam, the biggest portcity in Europe. Next to that I study in the big city of Utrecht, which has many, many beautiful girls living or studying there. Great for pickup, if you happen to be there, just check these women out.

My problem is meeting new girls (and new people for that matter). I'm quite good with the girls I know, but that doesn't take me to the 'next level'. With the next level I meen full utilization of my potential. My goals are to get more socially intuitive, to maximise my confidence and selfesteem, to get to know the girls I see in a bar or at day rather efficiently, just to live a far more interesting and profound life.

I'm relatively new to the practise of 'the game' and pickup, but have been quite interested in the theory behind it for a long time now. Skepticism is deeply rooted in my nature, so at first hand I didn't really take it serious and waved it away as propagandarubbish. Since some time now I've been trying to take the theory and use it in bars and nightclubs. To my amazement then it reálly worked, though I'm still a rookie. Together with a friend I've been studying this form of seduction with honest interest and I'm really psyched to get better and better at it.

I came in contact with this subject through the internet and followed it up after that. First with the Mystery Method, but shortly after that I found more and more information. I realized most PUA's lead a rich life, full with beautiful women and are having interesting lives. That made me think about the effect this could have on me. I joined this community just to read and learn from everybody here. And that is an understatement, because I still have múch to learn.
Besides that I'm looking for some wingmen close to Rotterdam and Utrecht, to train and test my skills in-field.

It's great being part of this community,