Lord is just a part of the nick, actually I'am...

...undergraduate student of Belgrade Banking Academy. Hence the name of my faculty says it's located in my hometown Belgrade. I'm 22 years old and I've been going out to clubs since I was 15. Being majorly underage didn't make any problems in Serbia as long as you pay the entry fee. Clubs in Belgrade involved around lot's of drug usage for past 15 years, but things started to change with government switch.

I'm quite emotional guy when it comes to the girls i like. But that doesn't mean that I'm faithful so I don't waste much time, gaming even when in relationship. Could say that I'm natural talent for many of the things represented in TMM, the only book i read so far, tough i plan to find up on some more. A friend of mine introduced me to this book and whole PUA way of thinking and not that I brag, most of the things came of naturally.
But no, I'm not that pro, I still might have anxiety approach, unless I have made something up that will boost my self confidence.

The biggest problem I have while gaming (before I got into this story) was getting emotionally attached before I made any bond from the other side. And that would fuck up my odds. Also I noticed when I wasn't showing emotional interest I would get everything, tough it's not like I wanted it. I'll write here and there some field reports of my actual ongoings and happenings. Tough I find it hard to start the newb quest and spend 4 h a day 4 days a week for 3-4 months opening sets. Instead I open up sets any time. When I feel comfortable I do it often, it comes of naturally, but if I insist and push myself into it, it doesn't go off that smooth.

So basicly I'm extrovert person, with large social circle and many friends to hang out with.

I love skiing, tennis, clubbing and above else music.

Hope you got the general idea. Best regards