Salute, fellow PUA's- Newb here.

Salute, fellow PUA's- Newb here.

Discuss Salute, fellow PUA's- Newb here. at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Salute, fellow PUA's- Newb here. Hello gentlemen, My friends call me Kastro- a nickname that ...

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    Salute, fellow PUA's- Newb here.

    Hello gentlemen,

    My friends call me Kastro- a nickname that managed to stick. More on that later.

    So, I was (sad to say) introduced to the world of PUA's through the first season of Vh1's PUA. Unlike many of my AFC friends, I was fascinated by the whole concept and immediately did my research on Mystery. I spread the word about the show to those I deemed worthy.

    Once the show was off the air, I and a some buddies picked up a couple e-books, read some tutorials, read The Game, listened to some pod-casts and so on to learn the basics of being a PUA. Sadly, we never got into it as we hoped and walked away from the PUA world knowing only the basic concepts- i.e. When with chicks, don't DLV, DHV instead, Neg, Kino escalation, a few canned openers and most importantly, inner game.

    Just being consciously aware of these simple concepts improved all of our game drastically. We scored way more girls than we used to and I ended up in a relationship, the first in over 5 years! It didn't last long and I shortly found myself a prime rebound. Well, that was last summer already and now I find myself suffering with a lack of girls.

    A bit more about myself: I'm a 5th year college student in a small college town in between Sacramento and San Francisco. For those of you from California I'm sure you know which one. Bluntly said, I don't like this damn college town and college lifestyle. I was never college material to begin with and I don't necessarily blend with your cliche college life (frats, slutty girls, spoiled kids, etc.) Before I came out here I lived in SF and was deep in the nightlife scene there. I knew plenty of girls, promoters, djs, club owners, industry people, all before I was even 21! I had a damn good fake ID and generally hung with the older crowd. Since moving away to college, slowly but surely I spend less time in SF and lost many of my prime contacts.

    I'm not socially retarded. I've HAD many friends and always liked being social. I love meeting new people and tend to leave a positive impression on people I meet. I like going out alone sometimes because it throws me out of my comfort zone and I tend to get most lucky that way. I've had plenty of girls for my age, above average I think but I'm still far away from having GAME I can rely on.

    Currently I have NO social circle and am STUCK in my college town. I go to school during the week and work weekends. My social life consists of work and the occasional after-party. Luckily, my job doesn't suck, I'm a bouncer at one of the bars in downtown.

    So, It's my last year in this college town and I'm surrounded by plenty of chicks EVERY weekend while at work. I've been reading these boards for a while off and on but finally gave in and had to post.

    I need help kicking my game back into gear so I can be successful at work. I can't stand being opened by prime targets everyday at work and not even being able to #close them!

    I'm sure you guys can help. Didn't mean to make this intro so long but I had alot to get off my chest. Thanks for reading.

    p.s. I'm gonna post in the newbie section for further advice on my work situation here:
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