Intro + question

Whats goin on gents? My name is Truth. I'm 24, in the army, blah blah blah. I only read The Game about a week ago and have noticed my game turning a complete 180 degrees from where it was. I'm not bad looking and have an awesome personality. I've just always had a serious issue with talking to women. But, since reading The Game, I find that problem fading into the past. I have, however, encountered a slight issue. Tonight me and my wing were out sargin' and ran into what we refer to as "The Moocher". This guy that reeked of B.O. came over to our table as we were proactively engaged with a couple of HB's and messed up the whole atmosphere. We tried everything from trying to hook him up with another girl at the club, to politely telling him to piss off. Nothing worked on this guy. We both still managed to get the kiss/number close, but it still bugs me. What should I do in the future to dispatch such pests?