Greetings from...somewhere...

I'm 0210. The username makes more sense if spelled out: Zero-To-Ten

I'm actually not completely new here - I've been lurking for a while. One can learn quite a bit just by listening.

Currently, I'm on a quest for continuous self-improvement. Improving at dating is only one part of this quest, although an important part. It's amazing how applicable this material is to personal development in general. Other personal development areas I'm working on are interpersonal skills in general and starting online businesses.

There's no way to guess my location at any given point in time. I might be in New York City. I might be in or near Philadelphia. I might be in the Chicago suburbs - so close to the edge of the metro area that if I tripped, I might fall off. I'm also likely to be traveling in a foreign country. Hanging out in hostels on another continent while hot college women were on winter break was quite fun (-:

Have a great weekend, everyone!