Completly new to the world of PUA, and this seemed like a good place to get started.
I'm a 1st year student in Liverpool, studying Mechanical Engineering, loving the student lifestyle. My main weakness has always been with the women. In high school, like all my friends were male, and we would spend the days just smoking weed instead of socialising, so pretty much all the way up to uni, I never really associated with many girls, so my social skills with them fail badly.

Ive missed many fine chances whilst at uni, whenever im out and I start talking to a female, my mind normally just goes blank, I dont really know what to say, and I get really shy. Walking around, I always see girls I know I would like to go talk to, but I never know how to approach, or what to say. Hence why Im trying to learn some of the techniques on here and such.

Read about 4/5 of The Mystery Method, and I must say its brilliant. Everything makes sense, I guess its just having the confidence to be able to pull it off, and do it well, in the field.

Im in the process of stacking some things to talk about, some routines, intros etc, so that at the weekend, I can start trying to make my first approaches. Im meeting a friend in the day on saturday for some drinks, who coincidentaly, has 4 hot friends coming down visiting (live near to where I do when not at uni). Going to use this as an opportunity to get some stacked stories out etc, try keep a decent conversation going for a while. That night I will be going out, so Im going to try the approaching then.

If youve got this far, thanks for reading! And any good tips for a noobie would be appreciated, along with any good techniques, routines etc that you may feel like sharing!