Greg Fellows from VH1s The Pickup Artist

Hey Guys,
I was at a club the other night, standing outside. It was very crowded because of a pre-Grammy party. Everyone was trying to get in then I saw Savoy walk up to the front with a group of guys and get right in. So I though I would come to this forum and check it out.

Things have been great since the show. It filmed in June so since then I have really been getting as much knowledge as I can and practicing as much as I can. I have had the great honor of not only learning what I was taught on the show but also learning from other pickup companies and listening what made them different and applying what they taught to my own game. I hope I can do the same here. I believe every teacher has good things that they teach that I can learn from. I'm excited to get to know people on this board and hopefully we can learn from each other.

Greg Fellows