As The Song Goes... (from near London)

..."please allow me to introduce myself...", although (unlike in the song) I can hardly say I'm a man of wealth and taste. In fact, being a working musician kinda precludes both, I find!

Fairly recently divorced with another relationship under my belt since, where I went completely AFC with NO confidence. I'm now in the process of getting my proverbial brown stuff back together. I have custody of my two kids, which makes it difficult to get out sarging in the evenings unless I'm touring.

In fact, last tour I got me the cajones to approach a definite HB10, which was far more than my bandmates achieved (even if I DID balls it up - but I knew nothing of The Game then!), and a couple of gigs later got to C1 with someone 17 years my junior (HB8), only for cockblock-friend to whisk her away...

I find I'm better over the phone/online for developing the emotional connections, but looking to improve my game overall to help with other aspects of my life as well.