re: intro

Being essentially interviewed to wing with someone here in new york. threw down answers to a couple questions he asked, and thought they might be worth posting...

> First, score, as defined in the PUA society, is how many women have you slept with. What is your score?
Probably like 15ish? Started relatively early, and have kept a respectable -- if not quite awe-inspiring -- pace since.

> Now, share with me what you want?
Direct answer: I want to be good. Very fucking good.

Longer answer: I like in Forrest Gump when he's told he never has to worry about money again, and he responds, 'that's good. one less thing to worry about.' I want to know that I can go anywhere, pick someone up, and come home with her, because I want never have to worry about that again. i don't want have to email around for dates, or worry about making plans, or waste time ensuring i have people to hang out with. I think I'm a pretty legit fun guy and have some pretty legit stuff going for me. I don't think I should need to.

beyond this, i want to be a guy who's whole life is fun. you get in an elevator with a person. you can ride up in silence, and the effect on your days is neutral at best. you can engage awkwardly, and both your days just got a little worse. or you can know what you're doing, create a genuine (if temporary) connection in your 2 minutes together, and make both your days that little bit better. multiply by X, the number of every single person you see, and add Y, the value of that one connection that turns into something big. now we're talking.

> How can you help another PUA? And anything else you can think of.
I'm quite committed to this. I'm new to 'the' Game -- I've started only recently. I'm definitely not new though to game itself. I went out last weekend with some of the instructors from AoC -- nice enough guys. Very definitely though held my own, with no technique at all yet to speak of. i'm determined to learn from those around me, and committed to helping them get great (/laid .

welcome any thoughts...