New member from Mexico

Hello everyone, I'm very new at this thing and in the community. Mostly I'm still just curious about it.

So please, bear with me like you do with any new member, because this is a long post.

I'm from Mexico, but recently relocated to Los Angeles in search of work opportunities. I'm a software developer, by the way.

I found out about this thing a couple months ago while searching for a good nightclub in Internet, and I have to admit, it seems so different than everything I have ever done or imagined doing in my life. I got curious about it because I've never been good at the night game and have always wondered if there was a "right way" to doing it. Sure, my friends and I always discussed this thing and we actually got down to the very subjects that seem to be the core here (not showing a lot of interest, IOI's, even some negging), but obviously our discussions never went beyond the frustated ramblings at a friends house.

I can't say I'm bad with women because I've had certain success with the girls that I really like and, much like a guy from Mexico that also just introduced himself here recently, I'm the ultimate nice, considerate guy. I exude niceness and honesty. I'm the epitome of those things. And I've found out that it can be as good as it can be bad. I can never refuse to buy a girl a drink, I'm just too nice. But, some girls in day game and a lot of girls in social circle game find that very attractive, at least in my case (I am decent looking), because I just seem very nice and honest (not blurt-out-the-first-thing-that-comes-to-my-mind honest, but real, good honesty, zero bullshit). So I don't have any semblance at all of a night game. I always go for the direct opener, and most of the time I get rejected or AMOGged (altough some girls like the courage and it ends up working), so I had resigned myself that picking up a girl in a nightclub was the exception and not the rule. And that's what I'd like to change. I want to be the AMOG and the center of attention. I want girls in the club to be competing for me.

So anyway, that's me and that's my story. I think learning the tricks of the trade will also help me become more assertive in my social life, so that's a side benefit.

Finally, I'd like to post my most incredible pick-up, the one that still makes me proud, and I think it can rival anything (or perhaps I'm being naive). This was 3 years ago (I was 25). So a friend of mine and I go to a local McDonalds, and naturally, we were in jeans, t-shirts and not particularly careful in how we looked. So, I see this most incredible girl, around 20 years old, for me she was at the time a HB10 (still ranks high), sitting a table with another younger girl, almost a clone of her, and finally... they were with their mother. I was just blown away instantly by this girl, she was incredible. Naturally, the anxiety began immediately, but when a girl just makes that kind of impression, I'm always sure that I'm going to approach her, the mother be damned. That's why I'm also semi-decent in day game... if the girl is incredible, I won't let her go... of course, sometimes she doesn't feel the same way as I do, hehe. So, I work up the courage to go and introduced myself... I mean, how many guys approach girls with one of their parents present?? So, with my friend's jaw dropping to the floor, I stood up and made my approach... "(To the mother) Excuse me M'am, sorry to interrupt... (turning to the HB) but I just find you incredibly beautiful and I just couldn't leave this place without coming here and asking you to get a cup of coffee" I was red as a tomato. They just sat there with their mouths open for what seemed like an eternity, but thankfully all of them just began to smile broadly. The girls were totally amazed that someone would do that, and the mother also. In fact, it was the mother that insisted that the girls go and have coffee with us (how honest, nice and harmless I must have looked for a mother to hand their teenage daughters to a complete stranger). So we went for coffee, the 2 girls and my friend and I. Turns out that my girl was 19, and her sister was 14!!! So we lowered here on the scale by half a point (9.5 to 9.0. She was that hot, even for a 14 year old), and I have to say, the girls were fascinated by me having the guts to talk to them in front of their mother. I became the toast of my friends for about 2 months, and I still tell that story when the occasion calls for it.

So, hope I didn't bore anyone, thanks for welcoming a new R-AFC to the community, and as soon as I get settled, I'll try to become an active member.

See you all!!!