Hi all... my story :)

First things first, before I introduce myself I would like to tell everyone that I am very hard of hearing and how I self taught myself to be successful with women.

Anyway, my names Ben, I'm 24 and from the wonderful city of Manchester in the United Kingdom, I have the typical interests many mid twenty something males do and am nothing out of the ordinary, although I am often told I am good looking.

Anyway, until the age of 21 I was a virgin (I actually lost my V plates on the night of my 21'st b/day) and I'd never been kissed til I was 19. At school I was a shy geek who hadn't fully blossomed, and although I had opportunities to go out with one or two girls I always turned it down.

But gradually, I learnt my own methods of being good with women, that I had to discover and define due to my hearing impairment. (Dont get me wrong, I lip read very well, speak with a degree of accuracy and dont know any sign language - so its maybe not indicative of true problems that deaf people have at the Pickup game)

One of the most important things I found was that when out at the bars, or clubbing was to exclude confidence and I became very adept at looking for physical, not verbal IOI's so I could kiss close with a degree of accuracy. I think over a few years I must have kissed at least 150 women, maybe more. However, I never managed to get laid, mainly because the circumstances (lived at home with my parents, etc) didn't allow for it. Out of the girls I've had sex with, 7 have been from a bar/public setting, and I'll be honest in that they were not the best looking of girls.

However, where I feel I excel these days is through Online game, and the other of my 10 lays have been through this, and the establishment of a cocky funny routine that I display Online and then offline when we meet up in a public setting. The girls are often hot too. Using a mix of this Online routine, and the public/bar setting I have laid 9 girls in the last 14 months alone, making 17 in the 3 and a half years that I've been sexually active.

I am on this forum to learn how to get relationships because I'm getting bored of one night flings. Currently casually dating a 8/10, we've had sex and shes admitted today that she has Bisexual feelings and wants to explore that avenue with me, and I want to know how to pursue this to the next level

Anyhow guys, here I am, and never forget, having a disability or impairment is not a disadvantage at all as long as you have humour, the ability to laugh and joke about yourself and go throughout life with a smile on your face.