Hello all

So here's my bio:

I'd rate my current game to be moderate. I don't have any problems opening and moving into attraction. Sometimes I say things that kill the interaction and other times I don't move the interaction along quick enough. I've taken home a couple girls from bars/clubs and turned them into day 2ers. I've gotten multiple numbers, but most become flakes -- so usually I just try to bounce a lot and keep the interaction going, which can be a pitfall because I'm too eager to keep pushing forward (think it may show some desperateness and not willing to leave).

So basically I'm on here to post my approach journal and get as much feedback as possible. I'm really hoping to improve my day game, but night game would also be a plus. Also, I'm looking to find some wingmen in my area -- since it's not a booming metropolis, but it's decent sized. Anyways thanks and see you on the boards!