Pretty much my situation atm

Hey guys,
Like most of you I read 'The Game' several months ago, and became instantly facinated by the underground scene and have been casually researching it for the last month or so, but haven't been putting it to use much.

I'm pretty social have have a wide circle of friends, and frequent the clubs (I promote for various music events and clubs) So I always have the opportunity, but I pretty much rarely approach, or sexually escalate.

Also like most of you I made the mistake of being in the friendzone with that one particular girl which is now somewhat awkward but we still talk randomly, might discuss later.

I guess I just want to have the ability to PU girls at anytime, nothing like go to a club and PU everyone there, just something modest. I think I just need to polish up and add some components and I should be set.

Personally I think most of the methods out there are awkward for me to use, and since i'm spontaneous i'd rather be a natural than learn complex methods with awkward routines.

My Pros:
-Humour (Natural talent, though it could do with some improvement)
-natural rappor skills
-Social network

-AA + lack of sexual esc.
-things never turn out the way I expect them in my head
-weird mindset where I don't really have best friends, and they all alternate since I have this weird thing where I always try too hard or little to hang out

aaaaaaaaand that pretty much ends my detail life story!