Hey all im new to the scene and wanna know heaps more

Hey everybody,

I'm from Sydney and im a complete beginner to this whole scene being this forum is where I'm starting from. I've just read 'The Game' book by Neil Strauss which gave me an idea of the whole PUA community.

I like this whole idea of the art of picking up any girl. I mean either finding someone to have fun with, be friends or date is sumthing i'd seriously would want from learning what there is to know!

but you know after reading "the game" by neil strauss also known as Style, sure i realised looks dont really play a major part in pickin up women, but how about men with a disability? Now that is a situation worth answering!

I should point out that I'm deaf/hearing impaired and dont know sign language so goin to seminars just wont do it 4 me....and in bars/clubs its not easy talkin to sumone and being a good listener....so hopefully sum1 can help me out here!

If u need to ask me anythin that'll help out with helpin me ...dont hesitate!