Das Sprach Veritas

On Saturday, January 24th, 2009, Veritas was born.

That night, I went out to dinner for my sister's birthday with a bunch of her friends. I'm always particularly cool with my sister's friends. Her boyfriend and I get along really well, and we make each other look cool in being funny. One of her female friends has also made clear she likes me, which gives me confidence (even if I'm not necessarily into her in that way). And I happen to know a decent bit about certain areas of law despite being the only non-lawyer among them, which makes me look smart.

I was sitting next to one of my sister's friends -- probably an HB8? HB9 even? Depends on your type i guess, although she's damn cool as well. We were definitely vibing. I wasn't trying to pick her up or anything. For one thing, her boyfriend was sitting right next to her. But that was precisely the point. Even with him there, I began noticing significant IOIs. I went with it.

I'm not that far yet into whole PUA process. I didn't try any routines, or gambits, or DHVs at that point. I wouldn't have known how. But when I recognized she was interested, I didn't back off. I didn't wig out, worried that she or others would think I was hitting on her as i always do. I pushed harder. I managed my conversation flow -- chatting up other people then coming back to her just in time. I showed sincerity and depth (I'd like to think genuine). I kino'd.

It wasn't about closing. That was off the table -- would have caused serious problems with my sister, plus, the BF seemed like a deec enough guy. But I was gonna see what it felt like to push. To know the indicators; to take them; to use them. To make someone like you more. And it felt awesome. I knew I had to learn more.

That night, I decided it was time finally to pick a name. I'd been struggling with the question for some time. I'd combed history and media -- Melquiades, the gypsy who brings wondrous enigmas (from my favorite book, 100 years of solitude). Shakespeare, the wordsmith of love. Ovid. Pericles. Hiro. Link. None of them felt right. In school, I did a bunch of research on constructed identity -- I really felt like the avatar mattered.

Then I stumbled onto one I liked: Veritas. It means 'truth and light' in latin, which, in addition to its general high-minded badassiness, captures the unique emphases i hope will characterize my game: honesty, and intellectual honesty (being open to all ideas). Moreover, and that which brought me to the name in the first place, it's the emblem of Harvard, where I recently finished school.

This is where Veritas was born. Not when i discovered the name, but in fact, precisely when I almost rejected it. 'It would sound like I was trying too hard' I decided. 'It would sound like I was trying to show off that I went to Harvard.' But then, right before I moved on entirely, I did a double take.

No. Fuck that. Fuck trying too hard.

I've spent my whole life trying too hard. I go to the gym constantly to make sure i have a good body. I go to a top school, get a great job, a great apartment. I learn guitar, I learn French, I travel. I play rugby. I get a motorcycle. I've done pretty much everything one can do to be attractive to women, except actually put myself in front of women.

AFCs try too hard. It's not because they try, but because they try dumb. PUAs try smart. They organize. They systematize. They're honest enough with themselves to admit they care, and to take advantage of the resources they have at their disposal. And for this reason, PUAs improve.

I'm ready to try. I'm ready to try smart. I'm ready to improve. And I think I'm gonna be good at this.

Hello world. Onward.
- Veritas