Knowledge is Power. I want to know all I can.

Hey, I've only recently discovered this lifestyle and want to completely immerse myself in it, I want to soak up every drop of knowledge and guidance I can. I want to learn from anyone and everyone I can, anyone who has any morsel of knowledge I dont, I want.
I'm a 21 year old University student in stellenbosch looking for learning resources, guidance, and teaching.

Im rather inept when it comes to woman, I have a GF but really its not fulfilling my needs and desires. I want to be able to walk into a club/bar/anyplace and chat up any girl I choose, I want to learn from the best, I want to fail,I know I will fail before I succeed, I want to push hard against my patterns of who I am, I want to destroy who I was in the wake of a new me.

I want to become a PUA, my only master.