New aPUA in Hertfordshire, England

Hi I'm John. I am an AFC, and a bit of a geek, i have only had one real girlfriend and only slept with a couple of girls.

My main problem with meeting women I think is approach anxiety, combined with a negative or low opinion of my looks and personality.

I have been seeing a theapist for a while due to nerves/anxiety and mild depressin and have recently started taking antidepressants. I think they have started making me feel better and more confident

I have in the last week watched 2 seasons of VH1's The Pickup Artist and was excited to see how fast mystery, j dog, matador and tara turned these AFCs in to PUAs and i believe i have learnt a little of the material discussed and am eager to get out and put some of it into practice

on here i am looking for further advice and tips, and maybe for some people to wing for me or to wing for myself. i live in hertfordshire, not far from london, so meeting up with people in london is doable. at the end of next week i am going out for a friends birthday in cambridge and i hope for this to be my first time putting some game theory into practice