Introducing, Priapism

My name is Priapus. Priapism is a disease that occurs when you overdose on Peepee pills, like Cialis. The name, based on a Greek God, Priapus. No need to explain what Priapus is the God of. This isnt good DHV shit, so dont bring it up again. Im Greek and I figured I might set off a clue by dropping the word if there are other Greek Manga's out there.
I just found this Introduction thread, so Im introducing myself. Im a former champ who lost his Game when he lost his hair, like Style, except I was sort of good at pickup, all I had to do was talk, because I have good looks. Losing the hair made it so that instead of being stared at all night by all the women in the room, I was going to have to put some effort in. Most women I am friends with are really shocked when I tell them I am self conscious about it. But the thing about this game is, you can look like Brad Pitt, but it wont get you laid as thinking you are Brad Pitt. Looks are shit for men, they only help in convinving YOU or other MEN of your value.
I teach History in the most ghetto places, East New York, Brooklyn. Son. I have so much fucking frame, that gangsters attend my class and no other class that day. They think Im a god. I am, at least on the 16 year old's scale of coolness, I have had my share of sex drugs and strippers arrests and brawls and gang memberships and I dont have to talk about it, they kind of assume it, that I jumped and was jumped by people with bats. Good fun growing up in NYC, it used to be DHV in front of girls when your 13-19 to kick asses.
Now that I read all the stuff by mystery and style, and bought the DVDs, I am starting to be able to do this sort of self confidence this post is full of and that I Demonstrate in front of mobs of crazed kids and in front of dudes. The point is to learn to be that guy at the only time it counts, in front of hot women.
To stop giving any bitch any value no matter how hot she is, I want to lay dark skinned Mediteranean bitches, Latinas, and I have a jones for Indian bitches since Ive never partaken of curry cunt. I have to learn to be as uncaring as I am in front of the light blond bitches that the room is staring at but that I really dont feel nervous about...
Haters Hate Players Play, Wingmen wing,
I amp the rest of the group, you should to. Tell the guy you dont even know you met off the wing forum that "If he doesnt open that set, that girl will need years of therapy to get over the fact she will never have ______'s dick in her mouth, Show some pity, I beg of you..."
Its been a year. Join a few tribes. Be helpful to those beneath your experience level...Nothing helps you more than demonstrating what you know, if you want to be straight up selfish about everything you do, know that your being helped when your opening the set for the noob wing to join 5 minutes later.