looks like the party's over here!!!

Hi, i'm Zal. short for Zalamero. Zalamero means suave, cool, or flattering in Spanish.

I'm 19. i live in Northern Colorado, only an hour away from Denver or Boulder. I'm an Art major at the University of Northern Colorado. I'm also starting a Ska band called Zach and the Something Somethings(might change). I sing and play guitar.

After being a complete social outcast for all of middle and high school, i used college as a fresh start. i completely overhauled my appearance, attitude and friend circle and past-times.

Because, i had never had anything more than a few dates that i didn't even initiate, but ended in disaster, i found the next thing i had to recreate was the way i went about dealing with women. 1 month into college i initiated my first date, got my first kiss, got my first girlfriend, and lost my virginity, all in LESS THAN 1 WEEK. i felt like i was a complete Bad-Ass. but when that turned into a 4 month LTR, the last 2 of which consisted her emotionally cutting me down, and using sex to keep me trapped in the relationship, i ended it.

that was over a year ago. since then...nothing.

it was then that i found Askmen.com where David DeAngelo makes regular contributions. After reading DyD and trooling his old post's on Askmen, i stumbled across The Game. I've read that and started reading VaH.

my goals are as follows.
1)I want to learn to be in control my relationships women.
2)I want to learn to have the ability to attract the kinds of women i'm attracted to
3)I want to improve my social skill's, not just with women, but with every one.
4)i want to become the kinda guy that is the life of the party, the kinda guy who commands peoples attention, the kinda guy i've always envisioned myself being

thanks for reading, i hope to get to know you guys well. and i hope we can really help eachother.