Casanova's here =O

Righto, hey there.

Just thought I'd stop by these forums, I noticed them a while ago and found the information quite credible. I'm not here as a noob, been a player at my club for some time now but as with most things, to get better, you need to play the role of teacher.

Feel free to send me a question/ ask me anything. I'd be happy to share my knowledge/stories of pickup.

My styles a little different than most. I'm more old fashioned, not into one night stands. My style revolves around dating a woman and leavin sex until a little later. Usually rack up 2-4 dates per week dependin on work/other commitments and hoping to find an amazing girl soon to start a relationship with. (Even players have their soft sides )

Other than that, looking forward to some good convo's and hope you'll find my material valuable.