New to the game but loving it

Im Ida which is obviously not my real name but even long before I got into the game Ive been using this nickname when picking up and its just an ingrained part of my personality. Besides even before I knew why I noticed that a big burly man-thing with army boots and a beard introducing himself by a girls name gets alot of really good responce.

Ive been studying the new ways for probably about 6 months but only really taken it seriously after I tried some of it in field about 2 months ago and proceeded to kick myself for not having taken it serious earlier.

What Ive so far experienced have led me to the following conclusions:
1. This is quite natural to me. Ive been taught to behave in a (wrong) way that felt highly unnatural to me. The reason Ive never fitted in very well was because I have tried to fit in by doing what I was brought up to believe was the right way. (Thanks for the ''flowers and candy'' bullcrap youve taught me mom! Now I have to unlearn all that)
2. I now understand perfectly why my past relationships went down the drain. Everything everyone in the comunity is saying is wrong is a textbook discription of what Ive been doing.
3. If only I had been listening to the people who tried to open my eyes in the past. Ive always sorrounded myself with naturals but never took heed of what they said to me.
4. I finally understand what girls mean when they say ''just act natural''. They want me to be the real me before parrents/society/etc stuffed me full of crappy advice.

Now my biggest problem is ''what to say after hello''. If I can keep it rolling past 10 minutes I usually have an acceptable succesrate(can be much improved) but I have always crashed time and time again on this which have kept me from doing that many approaches.