Ilpalazzo Intro

What's up guys! Ilpalazzo here from Dearborn, Michigan. I'm here because I want to internalize the game and make it second nature. I've had one GF when I was 19, she was a solid HB9, but I always felt like I got lucky. Since then I've been very frustrated.

I'll admit I became aware of the PUA community from The Pickup Artist over a year ago, but I didn't really start getting into it until this past fall, when I bought The Mystery Method and The Game. I haven't started going out night sarging yet, and I know I need to, but I get the AA and I also want to have some friends I can bring into this lifestyle so I'm not doing this alone.

I've been applying methods and techniques in my daily life to moderate albeit slow success, but I really need to get out into the field at night, and I need to get used to doing it alone. This is really my biggest hurdle. I love being alone, but something about meeting people I like having someone with me. Still, if I can't do it alone, I can't do it.

Anyone who lives in Southeastern Michigan, hit me up. Ilpalazzo out.