Another Bostonian

Hey guys,

My name is Shawn and I’m new to the community.

I decided to join the community after a friend of mine gave me a copy of “The Game.” After reading all of what’s possible I was hooked at learning more about it. So I got “Magic Bullets” and read it twice haha. I’m positive I don’t have it all down but I can successfully open sets, more times than not number close, sometimes kiss close etc.

Over all I’ve never had a real problem with looks, style or confidence. Peacocking is new to me though and I’m trying to find a way that works with my current style. Growing up I have always kind of been social so wandering between groups, talking, telling stories, and everything is just natural to me. However with girls I’ve never really been that good with in general. My problem use to be coming on to strong too fast, and telegraphed my interest; ultimately losing the girl almost every time. I was defiantly a “I got lucky” kind of guy.

Well after a while in the Game, I landed a girlfriend (an HB8.5) who was perfect EXCEPT that she’s going to France for a long time, so I decided to call that one off… Shortly after the pickup artist season two was on VH1 and the bug bit me again and made me jealous haha.

If anyone is from Boston and wants to Sarge with me, shoot me a PM and we’ll talk!