New Boston PUA


I'm Stark, college student in Boston. I'm just beginning but have had moderate success #-closing in day game, and slightly less success at night. I'm still on my training wheels, using canned material (mostly from Style and Mystery), but have been getting better. I've been going out with Ronin and E a lot this month.

I'm in the Game because I'm not where I've wanted to be socially. I want to have people enjoy my company and be the guy that everyone wants to hang out with; I want to connect with people and bring those around me up; and getting better with women would be cool too.

I've got a strong conviction that if you dedicate yourself to an aspiration, you can get it done. I've acted on this principle with diligence in the past and have had great success in other areas of my life. I'm going to apply this to the Game, and get to where I want to be.

-= Stark