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    It's really odd: no subtitle.

    Here, I go by the screen name Pers. Like 'purse' or 'purs' (if cats do it for you). My phone insists that whenever I write Pers, I should be writing 'Pees'. This isn't cool.

    I'm 18, so I'm full of that playful mischief everyone loves (see: lies). I'm on a gap year before university and I'm earning money to go skiing, and fund my crack habit. I like making jokes; people's smiles make me smile. As does crack. Diverse ethnicity: half-Indian and stuff - caramel coloured (I'm allowed to say that). Live in London, which I'm happy about - it's a great city and I reccomend everyone visits. There's loads of dark alleys, I love it. Oh, and fancy stuff to look at.

    The whole 'pickup'-thing, for me, started with stumbling across the community a few times. Eventually - after way too many 'signs' - I picked up the Mystery Method and The Game. I've been sucked since. She hasn't even come up for breath (ZING!). I practice whenever I can: out with friends, out by myself; geez, I get bored at work and try there too (gimme a break). I'm here to learn, and enjoy myself - big thirst for knowledge.

    If you're perceptive and wondering: I put the word pickup in inverted commas because that's not necessarily what it's all about for me. It's a social thing, too. But, most of all, the idea of being able to give a girl a sweet time, like she does me, is appealing. When her eyes light up, so do mine.

    Pleasure to meet you all - I think this'll be pretty neat.

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