First day of the rest of my life (long post)

Hello all
I will introduce myself as Ruddiger,
I am a 26 year old man living in central Alberta, Canada.
I am new to the whole PUA lifestyle and currently consider myself just another AFC. I am 6'2, 190 lbs and although a little bit on the skinny side consider myself to be a fairly attractive man.

I have my lebret and eyebrow pierced as well.
For the last 7 years I have been working in the Canadian oilfield and am a supervisor for a local service company. The job pays very well however I am never on any kind of schedule whatsoever. I work for however long the project takes, and sit for however long the next project takes to present itself. That being said I am constantly shipped around central Canada and spend alot of time out of town in various hotel rooms around the central provinces. (This has been my excuse for my lack of social experience up until this point. I now see that being shipped from town to town will actually be a great way to pursue my dream of being the next up and coming PUA)
I have recently built my first house and am planning on starting a company within the next 5 years relating to my field of work.
I am a very driven individual and find that when I set my mind to something and develop a passion for it I will do everything in my power to succeed in it.
I was raised by my mother for the majority of my life (we currently havn't spoken in 2 years however that is a story for another time) and eventually shipped to foster care at the age of 14 for being a badass. I smoked massive amounts of marijuana throughout my life and even through the cloudy haze I have still been able to accomplish the majority of my goals.
I have since stopped smoking weed and am now ready to pick up an entirely new addiction and hobby, seduction.
Currently I am in a huge slump when it comes to the ladies. It has been over a year since I have even made out with a girl. I simply figured that I wasn't born with the skills necessary to attract woman and pretty much gave up.
When I was younger 18-21 I went to the clubs alot and managed to sleep with over 15 woman. Most of these were one night stands with a few exceptions. I have never been in a serious relationship and now realize that I would always screw them up by following my natural instincts and coming off as too needy. I must admit that these meager accomplishments were based on more luck than any game.
I have never understood women and find myself acting completely not like myself when around them, with exception to the couple of female friends I have whom are treated like one of the guys so to speak.
The only dating advice I have really recieved up to this point was from my mother, I was told to simply be nice and a good listener. I now know this is not the way to do things.
I am currently reading The Game by Style and have watched the mystery method dvd's. I plan to buy magic bullets ASAP as well as the new routines book. I will also be looking into attending a seminar or finding some one on one training when the time is right (I figure I should do some extensive research and learn my weaknesses before venturing into this route).
I have found myself absolutely addicted to this new stage of my life and am reading and studying every piece of material that I can get my hands on.
At this point in time I am willing to invest whatever money and time is needed to succeed.
I know that at the moment my game is very weak and I also suffer from aproach anxiety (although yesterday I managed to approach 2 , 2 sets and #close 1 while also being approached by a single female and # closing her as well). I will post last night's adventure in the appropriate forum after I have finished this post.
I have been very honest in this post as I feel it will be the best way for me to get the help that I deserve.
I would like to thank the community as well as every member of its staff for this amazing resource. I don't know how I would of been able to begin this journey without your help.
Thank you to those who have taken the time to read long drawn out post and wish me luck