What's Your New Year's Resolution?

That's an opener.

I tried that one yesterday, and it worked like magic on EVERYONE. Sure I might have looked like an idiot walking around with a notepad writing everyone's resolutions down to see who had the best one, but not as much as the girl who had 365 days and still didn't have one (read: didn't want to talk to me). And remember, the person you like automatically has an OKAY, but not stellar resolution, no matter what she says, or you're convinced she's just making it up. You don't need the prop, but the notepad sure helps when you ask her for the digits ;-). I think using this will be appropriate until the end of this weekend, and of course, for all New Year's celebrations to come. Have fun.

Happy New Year everyone. This is my first post. I look forward to interacting with you in the future.