WarTooth- Keepin It Classy in ATL

Hey guys, what's crackin? I'm WarTooth, ATL born and bred

Got into this whole pickup shindig about 6 months ago, and it's been real haha. I'm having more fun and living as my ideal self more in these past six months than any time I can remember, INCLUDING before when I was ecstatic to have ANY girl interested in me! The knowledge and insight y'all have helped me discover is beyond my ability to express, and I am deeply thankful for all the great people that have directly and indirectly enhanced my life. This forum is truly a collection of great minds and willing students.

Anyway, since this is my first TAF rehab meeting, here's my story-- my life was stupid deluxe in the early years I had great friends, total self confidence and lived it up. Then, in 4th grade my dad had an affair, divorced my dear ma 2 days before Christmas and ran off with his secretary. Yeah I I know sounds like a soap opera
My sister and I had three years of neglectful "visitation" on the weekends with him, which only exacerbated the situation. Shouting matches, no food blah blah. I later learned my father was sexually abusive to my sister, and that he himself had a cocaine problem. All of this really flipped my 4th grade world upside down and I lost my "sparkle" (my ma always called it that) and became a little tougher toward the world in general. This was the first time I felt my self confidence dip, because I realistd how little influence I had on the world I lived in
In high school, sophomore year, my sister went to 4 different drug & eating disorder rehab clinics in the space of a year, which kicked us financially. I tried to start dating at that time, but was a total choade, the kind that buys flowers and is super nice and subservient and utterly lacking in balls. All this got me laughed at, and I allowed it to get to me

The real motivation for change came from a tough spot durig my sophomore year--After 4 rejections and LJBFs, I gave up. I ended up developing a crush on a girl on my cross country team and thought she was totally into me. After a really fun race and dinner, I got harshly LJBF'ed by her. This total black and white shift really stung, and, emotionally hurting, I hooked up with quote possibly the most garbage... Thing you could imagine. She turned out to be not only a bad kisser but also psycho and clingy like epoxy. 28 calls in the space of two hours was... Alarming, to say the least I knew, as the phone rang and rang and rang, that I had to get this sorted out

It ended up Facebook solved my girl problems. A little ad that read "your 10 worst mistakes with women" led me to David Deangelo, who ROCKED MY WORLD. he completely ripped out my wussbag choade heart and stomped into the ground, spit on it, then kicked me in my nonexistent balls and told me to get Alpha. After finding Love Systems, and two fantastic book called Conquer Your Campus and The Attraction Code, I am recovered and looking to improve myself and my life.

All of my experiences and troubles early on told me that you gotta survive and thrive and grow, or bitch out curl up and die-- there can't be no middle ground.
A favorite 2Pac lyric of mine, I think it captured the difference in attitude between survivors and loosers.

"thinking with your brains blown
that would make the pain go?
you gotta find a way to survive
cause they win when your soul dies".

I try to grow every day and always learn something new. This whole pickup shindig, for me, is less about sex and pussy and being straight G than it is learnig more about myself and how I can improve my life. I look back and think of all the years that I lived scared, hopeless with women and lamenting my "miserable existence". What I failed to see is that you live the life you choose, and that nothing is impossible if you work long enough hard enough and smart enough.

I have a little concept in my mind that i'm developing. Ira the concept that there be three people within omw person. The person they see themselves as, the person other people see them as... And the person they want to be. The last one is the one I'm after.
I call it the "meta-me" and I think 90% of all the troubles and shit I got in my life come from not BEING the "meta-me" version of myself. I'm learnin and actively moving toward aligning all three concepts of myself, and that thought keeps me motivated.

To all y'all that think life handed you bad cards, I agree. All the people that say you can't, fuck em. Every time your mind says you can't, stop thinking. Forget all the girly shit your ma told you (God knows she meant well) and be a MAN. go sophisticated caveman on the worlds ass. Give yourself permission to be one ace motherfucker. You have the gift of a great base of experience at your fingertips, as we are all on the same path and those behind should learn from those in front. Love the chicks your with, cause ain't nobody else like that sweet doe-eyed Latin angel in the world.Everyone you meet gifts you, intentionally or unintentionally with some knowledge you were previously ignorant of, so repaythem by applying that knowledge to the betterment of your life.
Finally, remember that we are all live and die on the same spinning ball of dirt, so we might as well love eachother and have fun while doing it

Peace & Patrón