Portland local- Instinct503

Hey what's up? A month ago I was introduced to the game and MM by a couple guys who I hang with at my local bar. I read about 200 pages of the game and opened my first 2 set the next day. I was amazed how a few simple things yielded results so effectively. I'm interested in meeting up with other local PUA's to learn from and wing with.

A few details- I'm 30. My last relationship lasted 9 years and ended up in divorce. I essentially missed my 20's. I won't do the same thing with my 30's. I suffer from a bit of approach anxiety but open up quite easily when warmed up. I am quick witted and can neg brutally if necessary. Not interested in stealing from BF's. Not a club type. Got a couple cool tricks up my sleeve that you probably have not seen.

Hit me up and we'll go have a couple drinks and open some sets.