Limo from Tampa has rolled up and decided to park a while!

Hey all Limo here, Iím a 43 yr old guy exiting a 15 year LTR so I have a lot to relearn. At the moment I have been diligently researching, cruising the forum and about halfway through The Game. No real field experience gamming but have tried a couple of things designed to teach myself not to be an AFC.
One of the first things I learn about myself researching was Iím a gawker! Yup I stare and look at every pretty gal crossing my path. So last weekend I hit a local hip bar with one goal. Ignore any gal HB7 or above, this was very hard but I found success. This solid blond blued eyed 40yr old HB8 was having a birthday party, gyrating her hot bod all over the place acting like the 10 she wants to be. So I did has planned and ignored her, turning my back on here no matter which direction she came from. After about 15 minutes of me holding my ground (displaying big Alfa smile) she came closer and closer to me eventually brushing against me has she passed by. At about 3o minutes she started dancing like a go queen moving in my direction, again I turned alway and she would dance back in front of me..She did this 3 time till eventually she stopped dancing and parked herself right next to me and looked me right in the eyes.. Thatís when I neged her. She had on a blinking birth day badge that said ďtodayís my birthday Iím 40Ē and one LEDs was burnt out and I pointed it out. Had a good laugh or too a left smiling on a nice power trip high. Look for me in 30+.
Limo out..