Brief Intro

Hey everyone I'm Paulzig, a 35 yr old guy from Australia...

I've read both 'The Game' and 'Mystery Method' after a friend recommended them to me.
Since then I've had a bit of an epiphany, and after the initial shock of realizing that every AFC move I made in the past had contributed to my poor success with the ladies, I'm ready to begin anew as a 'tabula rasa' (empty slate).

I've been browsing thru these forums for a little while trying to understand the PUA concepts etc .. Even tried some calibrating by doing some approaches and openers in clubs and bars, but I have a little while to go as I'll approach this on a more comprehensive level than just a quick pickup here and there.

Instead, I'll treat it more like a lifestyle change i.e changing my style, hitting the gym like I used to and working on inner game.

I have 3 years of University Philosophy and I finally found a use for it LOL..

Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Will to Power', the imposing of will and 'Frame Control'.
Socratian Dialogue 'Destruction from Within' could be used as a retort to the shit tests I guess ...

Thanks to everyone on this board for so selflessly sharing all this incredibly sage advise ...