I am canadian!

OI! I'm Mike from Toronto Canada. w00t

So just a bit about myself and why i got into the whole PUA stuff. I'm 20 currently going to college for Computer Systems Technology. In my last year so i shall be graduating and getting a full time job. (Moving out as soon as that happen lol) I'm a very shy person but once i get to know someone i open up (which kinda sucks). It's not a problem that women aren't attracted to me, I just am to shy or to oblivious to it. I am getting better. lol

I really started to look into this stuff after my girlfriend of 3 years "dumped" me. Yes i put that in quotes cause well she hasn't actually dumped me yet we're still on a break. I wont get into it much, but its over basically. I do still have the one-itis with her, as abviously i can't really let go of three years that easily (it's only been just over a month since we "broke up") I got into the who PUA thing not to actually become a PUA but to learn how to be better socially with women and break my one-itis. lol To break my comfort level so i can approach a girl that i think is cute and be able to have a conversation with them, then fuck em later =P

In the past month I have actually met some people. Number closed about 10-20 times. and outa those seen maybe 1/2 of the girls. I had a one night stand the day after i got "dumped" (which felt kinda good). And i hooked up/still banging a girl a met from a club along with another girl i met on a bus. So i know I have no issues with girls liking me.

Now to do my training. For me i like the day. Just the whole meeting someone during the day a sweeping her off her feet appeals to me (what can i say, I'm some what a romantic) more then night. I have a good buddy of mine joining me on my journey through this, and we both hope to become better with women after it.

I have tryd to use some of the material i have read, but when i did i was really wasted and my story of "Did you see the fight outside" came out like this "Did you see the avalanche outside!? Like 30 people died and i saved them all! There was blood everywhere!!!!!!!!" Yea i got shut down. lol

So i hope i can learn alot from you guys and give my 2 cents also.