Hey, I'm Ransom

So I guess this is where I tell you my little story.

I'm only 18, and graduated from high school last year.

I lived in Sacramento with my grandma. I had a great group of high school friends, went to a lot of parties, was pretty popular, I dated the same girl for almost all of high school and I was crazy about her, and I was very very satisfied with my young life. Heading towards a bright future, looking at colleges down in So Cal, saving up money to get a car, it was all set up perfect.

And then my grandma died.

I was forced to move in with my aunt and uncle, who live in San Francisco. Right in the middle of senior year, my little picture perfect high school life was shattered.

I didn't know anyone, did not fit in AT ALL. My girlfriend and I split, and mysteriously almost all of my old friends except TWO disappeared completely.

After spending a lot of time grieving and being very isolated, I needed to break out, to meet girls, to try and build something close to what I used to have or I was honestly going to kill myself.

I discovered PU, and became so immersed in the books, and videos and everything. But to this day I've yet to go out and actually do anything about it. It's sort of hard because I still can't go to clubs and I feel I could improve much faster if I could get in and practice in an environment like that.

Anyway, I've droned on for way too long. I'm happy to be a part of this and I hope to be able to build a life like Mystery said. It's more than just getting laid to me. I need to rebuild my entire life.