hey there, i'm boycey (surname = boyce) so makes sense i'm 20 and from london, i read the game probably like most of you then saw pickup artist 1 and 2 on vh1 also probably like most of you, i found it one of the most intresting books and programmes to watch like most of you i wasn't sure if it worked or what or not, so i started searching the net and came across this website and didn't relise that theres such a big community.

maybe this could be a problem no longer being underground, the more people who read the book and the program the more people will want to being pua or apua abit like me really.

But after reading so many threads on this forum especially the ones in true storys signature and found them intresting and theres so many helpful threads and posts its so much to take in! i would love to be apart of the community and learn how to become a pua, i also want to help give back advice and things i help to the community and aspire others.

what do you think the first steps i should do i'm yet to take notes theres so much information to take in i think should i re-read the game and re-watch the pickup artist and take notes and practice? try to meet a decent wing man and some new friendsor should i take notes from this forum, i want to get hold of magic bullets but i will do that probably after xmas