fyah intro

whats up guys names fyah, been introduced to the game since the ending of summer, im still in college so id like to get into some college gaming since there are so many hb7-10s out there.

id like to get a gf and f her silly, more of a str. then move onto getting any girl i lay eyes on into bed. i also need to recognize opportunities that arise to run game. e.g. i went to school dressed in a dress shirt cause i had a presentation, went into the library sat a table then this bbw sits across to the left of me and asks me for highlighter i couldve practiced some game and gotten a bridge, but i said i dont have one...this past saturday went to the club, wasnt really feeling the club scene i felt kind of down for some reason idk why, but i was sitting down for a while by myself fidling with my phone and this girl out the blue asks if i have gum (im gonna use that as an opener), and i immediately say no sorry lol, i couldve totally gotten that girls number/kiss...im a beginner and as more opportunities arise im gonna start taking advantage of it.

i need to get laid!!!!! :]