Hello From LC, LA

Hi, I'm from Lake Charles, LA and have decided to up my game. I'm not great with women but I'm not horrible. I'm 25 and recently single out of a three year relationship and I know the lifestyle I want. Work...spend time with my son...and when I get some free time hit the town and enjoy the company of women.

I brought this up to a friend of mine who just happened to be reading 'The Game'. He is a writer for a small local rag paper. He is incredibly disheveled and I will have to work on his appearance with him, but he is game to learn and wing with me.

So with what little knowledge we have picked up from TV, ala pick up artist, and from his book the game we ventured out and invited a third friend along with us.
He is our social circle's fatty dive bomb aholic, but after breaking up with his first hottie in years, she was totally crazy and perhaps an actual murderer, and then watching me garner attention with some openers, I made him a believer that we can do this and have fun.

So hello forum, I'll be purchasing magic bullet soon and coming here for advice to help my motley crew of misfits as we take to Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Beaumont.

Who knows...perhaps I'll even be able to post some decent exploits...one day....probley a long time from now...we need a whole lot of work..lol