My intro (natural game UK)

hello guys.

though id make my first post an intro about my self. im a 23 year old psychology student living in England

Ive just discovered recently that there was a seduction community so i thought i would join it as ive been in the game for about four years now. i started off by reading a book called "the mack within" that inspired me to get into it really. you could probably say i was an AFC i dont know, i never really had trouble with woman although i was a late starter at 17 you guys figure that out.

ive spent the past few days reading some of you guys material, magic bulletts etc to get my self familiar with your acronyms etc.

what i discovered was pretty cool, alot of the stuff i had been doing any way was in the book. push pull, kino, trust tests etc.

I have an LTR shes hb 10 to me but luckly i dont have any morals and i dont live by the rules of society. i think i will have some funny stories to share and if i can offer my help and advice.

glad to be a part of the community... peace