Introduction of Appeal

I have been ghosting this community for the past week or so wondering how to really introduce myself. This alone should tip off the biggest AFC problem I am trying to overcome, inability to open! I am a 22 year old musician who (like Techno Viking) goes from one relationship to the next with attractive girls. The downside is simply because the first attractive woman with a glimmer of personality that comes my way ends up with me for a year (in the current case 2). I also am trying to get a sense of style that I never really developed.
I am taking strides to improve what I classically get into. I am moving into a 5th floor apartment with a rooftop view of downtown Portland Or. Its located right next to over 20 bars and clubs and surrounded by things to do. I am trying to internalize the MM, Art of Approaching, Magic Bullets and any other book I can get my hands on and I am working on openers as I feel that is my biggest lack of any one thing. Any and all advice is welcome at all times!