Good afternoon gents


I am Lentouri, and I have major problems meeting women, mostly approach anxiety (which I believe you guys shorten to AA - it's gonna take a while to process all these acronyms).

This is the second PuA forum I've joined, and after telling you my story, its going to take a while to read read read all the information contained within!

I am quite short (5"8) and not particularly well built, and my issues with this have led to a decreased self-worth, more specifically not feeling good enough, or deserving of a good looking woman.

I am from a tall family, and have a lot of tall friends. Possibly due to society and Hollywoods general motto that a taller man is better than a shorter man, the height difference, which is significant in some cases, means I always feel inferior around them.

Don't get me wrong, I am not overly insecure, I am sociable and interact well with males and females, but my problems with approaching women undoubtably stem from my belief than I am somehow less of a man than my taller friends.

I have had a few girlfriends, but they have always come about by the girl making the move (usually when it was clear we were both into each other but I lacked the courage to make a move).

I have no problem flirting with girlfriends of friends, or girls I have no interest in, probably because I know they aren't going to just think I'm trying to get into their pants. I'm not sure how good I am at flirting, but thats a different matter!

A lot of people who know me would probably describe me as confident, but this appears to be limited to people I already know, my confidence level drops dramatically when I don't know the people I am interacting with (but rises when I have consumed a large amount of alcohol).

This is probably an inherited trait from my mother, who is permanently worried about what other people think of her.

Which sucks.

I also get hit with an insecurity when I know a girl I like likes me back. I'm not sure what to do, or how to make a move, or whether they actually like me, and about five hundred other things.

Too much detail I think, but I'm also not very confident sexually.

I should also add I am 21, and a student, although I am in my final year there are plenty of girls around to practise on, the last thing I want to do is not really bother with this till I leave University and then regret it when I am a PUA and am no longer surrounded by hot students.

I'm a good looking lad, and besides the height insecurity, I think I have a lot of the raw materials needed to make a big change such as this (think Kosmo when he started in TPuA).

I am also UK based (Notts).

Can anyone guide me through my first steps?

Summary for TL;DR
Short student insecure about height
Confident around friends, not with strangers
Needs guidance