Hey WhatUp

I have being around this forum for a few days already, but I only notice this introduction forum here. So here it goes:

I started learning how to be successful with women, starting with the Double Your Dating E-Book by David Deangelo two years ago. Through the study of that book, I have got some tremendous success. After having enough success, I decided to move on to spending more time and efforts developing my career hence stop improving myself. Recently I had realized how important these stuff is, as a result I decided to not only to continue back to improve, and is determine to reach mastery (PUA level).

Over the last couple of months, I have listen to many seminars from David Deanglelo and many of his guest speakers including Mystery. I started going back into the field and practice cold call two weeks ago, and there’s no substitute for that feeling at the end of the night, when I know without a shadow of the doubt that those chick who I approached is totally into me.

I haven't had enough time to read "Mystery Method" yet, but will do so in a next few days.

And that is my introduction. So whatup!