Thank you!

I'm a twenty something guy from Brisbane Australia; I've never really approached women in clubs and my relationships (to date) have been introductions from mutual friends.

I assume Iím not the only one but I was so inspired after seeing ďThe Pickup ArtistĒ on TV a week ago that Iíve spent the last week absorbing information. Iíd like to offer a very sincere thank you to everyone in the PUA community who has contributed in a positive manner to the content in these forums and around the internet.

Tonight I went out for a few hours and did three approaches (2xtwo sets and a five set); using Ďthe methodí I was infinitely more successful than I ever was before and I nearly landed a kiss close with a cute irish girl in the five set on day 1. I know what I did wrong and with more practise I canít wait to see the results.

Mysteryís Newbie Mission here I come!

Again, thank you all for your contributions (big or small) to this forum- my name is Jeremy and Iíll see you around.