I read and watched some material by Mystery.

The stuff is changing my life completely.

I wanna thank the guy.

No words can describe the chemical storm in a man's brain who has no idea how to get women to sleep with him.

The guy helped me out of being the *nicest guy.. into being able to communicate with new women congruently, make out with multiple women!
And simply do successful pickup. Approaching, opening, attracting, phone game, kissing, making out and having a great time.

Yeah, I am improving all the time, and I'm improving faster and faster.
Mystery and the community, really is helping me, I cannot express my gratitude in words for this.

My main goal now, having fun, kissing, intercourse, mltr and new stuff.

I really wanna thank everybody here who is working to make a change for themselves.

I feel like learning this is like having drops of color covering a B&W film.

Yes, I would like to FClose hundreds of HB's. The skillset itself matters!
You know what, the two go hand in hand.